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[SOLVED] programming 2D graphic project with C++

  • Hi Im computer student and I want create my graphic lesson project with Qt in Ubuntu platform. please help me to start it. I installed Qt Creator and Designer and....every thing I thought will be needed. but I dont know where I should start from? I need some suggestion.
    Thank you All.

  • Yes I saw 3 or 4 examples, but in action I have problem with some basics, like event handling and signal-slot architecture in qt. I can programming with MFC in visual studio. but I don`t know the relations between graphic object of MainWindow and other classes that I want to add. you know? I want some clear strategy.

  • Well, there are plenty of documents around to help you to understand.
    E.g. for "signals and slots":
    There are the "tutorials ":
    Otherwise there are also books available on Qt programming.

    If you have specific questions when working through this material, you are certainly welcome to raise then in this forum.

  • I am sorry, but your questions are real hard to answer. They are just too general. Please try to be more specific. I don't see why it is relevant for instance that you are making a 2D graphics application (what is that? what does it need to do?) if you don't yet understand the basic concepts of event handling and signals & slots. Those are the same for any application. The clear strategy is then: start at the basics, follow some tutorials.

  • Either learn QWidget or QGraphicsScene/View/Item based on your needs. Both are quite simple. QWidget knowledge is always welcome and kind of obligatory since all Qt GUI revolves around it. In either case using signals and slots to connect your widgets or graphics items is quite straightforward. There is nothing complex about everyday use of signals and slots, slots are regular functions, signals are used to trigger them, all you need to connect a signal to a slot is having two visible pointers to objects that inherit from QObject.

    Otherwise your question is rather vague, you need to at least specify the kind of project you are trying to build.

    Take a look at, there are plenty of video tutorials for Qt, which aren't too deep but are much easier to initially grasp than reading documentation or books.

    In any case, knowledge of how to use Qt components to build programs will come only after you learn to use the individual components.

  • thanks every one :D. I start with QGraphicsItem with my customs. Im trying to draw some special shapes. and I was successful :)
    thanks every one for help me... I use the qt tutorial and I found what I want (but not simple). thanks again for guide...

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