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[SOLVED]Desktop icon not properly showed in release build

  • EDIT: Solved. The problem seems to be windows 7 icon cache. Changing the name to the file shows icons correctly, and rebuilding the cache does too.

    I set an application icon for my app, first a simple 32 x32 icon made with visual studio. I realized that it wasn't the proper way and then a make a good .ico file with all the sizes required by windows 7. Doing all the steps in , the icons are all good when I build in debug mode, but when doing it in release mode the desktop icon (the one you see when your app is in the desktop or in the windows file explorer) is the first one I made, no matter how many times and different .ico files I use. I have used .ico files from other programs and result is the same: in debug build all are good shown, in release, taskbar and such is updated and looks good, but the .exe icon remains the first one. I have looked in the .res file for both versions, and icons are ok, so I don't understand from where is the release build taking the image it shows in the .exe. Any ideas?

  • For rebuilding the cache what do you mean?

  • I mean delete the cache for icons that Windows 7 automatically make. I don't know how it works exactly, but it was keeping the old icon image in the cache and not refreshing it.

    You can find the steps to "force refresh" ;) the cache here:

    PD. By "force refresh" I mean delete it so that Windows has to make it again with the updated icons.

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