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[Solved] "qmake " Console window problem in the release build

  • I have a little problem may be big but i don't know,every programme that i compile in debug configuration runs perfect but when i use release configuration a console window pops up every time i run the release build..i don't know whats the problem..i am giving my project file that i used.

    @CONFIG =qt release
    TEMPLATE = app
    TARGET =
    DESTDIR = release


    HEADERS += sortdialog.h
    FORMS += sortdialog.ui
    SOURCES += main.cpp sortdialog.cpp@

  • And what is the problem/error message you are getting? Is it a compile problem, a link problem or an execution problem?

  • no no there is no error in the compile process or build process..and my application,let say dialog window do execute but with it a console window pops up(like that of Ms-Dos).and i don't want that console window but don't know why it is opening.

  • try to add
    CONFIG -= console
    just for a test...

    I figured it out..i just tried CONFIG +=release and it worked.

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