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Dummydata for signals / dummydata for attached properties

  • I have implemented some attached properties in C++ which work perfectly fine in QML.

    Now our designers would like to use these QMLs too. But they do not have access to the C++ code.
    Therefore I wanted to create some dummydata.

    I created the dummydata folder and a qml file MyAttachedProps.qml:
    import QtQuick 1.1

    Item {
    property string prompt: "my control"

    When I use MyAttachedProps.prompt in the real QML file, it is replaced with the prompt of the dummydata.
    The output is: Loaded dummy data: "E:/Pegasus_Screen_Components/dummydata/ComboLineCtrlProps.qml"
    So for simple properties, this is working fine.

    I now also have a signal in C++: mySignal, which would be called like this: MyAttachedProps.onMySignal: ...

    I don't know how I can put this in the dummydata? The output is:
    file:///C:/MyProject/MyControl.qml:67:5: Non-existent attached object
    MyAttachedProps.onMySignal: ...
    What am I doing wrong?

    And what do I have to do that the "import MyModule 1.0" is recognized? The output there is:
    file:///C:/MyProject/MyControl.qml:3:1: module "MyModule" is not installed
    import MyModule 1.0
    Thank you!

  • I could solve the import problem. The solution is "here": But I still have the same problem with the attached properties.
    Maybe someone can help me?

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