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Valgrind configuration error (?)

  • Hi,
    I'm running Qtcreator 2.2.1 on Linux 64 bit, I've installed the vallgrind 3.7 tools (compiled from sources) and I've placed the rigth valgrind executable into the Tools->Options->analyzer. I've created a run configuration that runs the project using such valgrind but when I start the profiler I got the error

    @Error occurred parsing valgrind output: The remote host closed the connection@

    Moreover I've got also the analysis pane that does not show the menu entry for function calls but only for the memory analisys. The parameters for valgrind are the following in the run configuration:

    @-q --tool=memcheck --leak-check=full --leak-resolution=low ./test@

    If I use the valgrind that comes packaged with my Ubuntu I can see the memory analisys, but still cannot get the profiler to show me method calls. I've read the "documentation": but cannot figure out what is going wrong in my configuration.

  • I've updated QtCreator to 2.4.1, and now I can see the Profiler option in the analyzer. However, while memory analyzer is still running fine, the function profiler is not, and each time I reuest a dump of the profiling information I got a parsing finished, no data message and, of course, no data shown in the analyzer panel.
    Any idea on what am I missing?

  • Sorry to bother with this issue, but I've read again the documentation "here": and checked the valgrind settings. I've tried to run the appllication for a while, acting on its features to produce method calls, but still I got parsing finished, no data each time I try to dump the profiler data or when the profiler is stopped.
    My valgrind is
    @$ valgrind --version

    Any suggestion or further read?

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    How about "filing a bug report": ? That way the responsible developer gets to see the issue.

  • [quote author="Tobias Hunger" date="1329897317"]How about "filing a bug report": ? That way the responsible developer gets to see the issue.

    Done. I was wondering if the fact that I use qt 4.7.4 could be the cause of the problem.

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