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3d game in Qt

  • Hi everyone,
    I am new to Qt and have an idea for a 3d game development. Can anyone help me out with the basic requirements to do so. I mean what all do I need to know to develop the idea.

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    C++, OpenGL, Qt in general.

    In detail, either QGLWidget or Qt3D. You can take a look at "WolfenQt": for a nice and powerful example. Sources are on gitorious (qt-labs channel).

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    I would suggest honing your Qt skills with basic (yes, perhaps boring) projects to get the basics down. Same with any of the other technologies you'll need which you may be new at. Once you have a good grasp of them in simple scenarios, then it will make it that much easier to put it together into a more complex application. If you dive into something very complex without having a good grasp of the basics, then it will be much harder to peel back the complex layers of the problem to get to any simple errors.

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