[SOLVED]Execute function at a specific time

  • How do I call a function at a specific time?
    For example I want to execute function launch() on 18/02/2012 15:35:01 .

  • If you want to do it through Qt you may want to have a look to "QTimer":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/doc/qt-4.8/qtimer.html

  • Hi,

    You could inherit from QTime and poll the current time in the object. When it reaches the time you want, emit a signal.

    Hope that helps ;O)

  • I was thinking of using QTimer this way:
    Create a QTimer object that emits a signal every second.
    When the signal is emited I remove a seconds from some sort of Countdown timer that when reaches 0 launch the function that I want.I think that this way is consuming too much resources that's why I asked help :),maybe someone knows a better way.My knowledge in QT is not too good but I learn fast.
    Sorry for my bad english.

  • There's also QDateTime which is probably better than QTime, as it provides AM/PM too.
    So you could do something like this: -

    class QActOnDateTime : public QDateTime

         int timerID;
         QDateTime checkTime;
         void Init()
             timerId = startTimer(1000);  // start a timer at 1 second intervals
         void timerEvent(QTimerEvent* evt)
             if(evt->timerId() == timerID)
                 if(currentDateTime() >= checkTime)
                       // call function due to elapsed time


  • Moderators

    The simplistic "Count down some timer every second" is going to fail when you loose/gain an hour due to daylight saving time.

    Why not get the current QDateTime every minute and only use a QTimer for the last couple of seconds (if you need that kind of resolution)? The fewer wakeups your application triggers the less power your computer is going to consume.

  • How about this:
    @QDateTime now = QDateTime::currentDateTime();
    QDateTime timeoftheaction;
    QTimer *timer=new QTimer;
    connect(timer, SIGNAL(timeout()),object,SLOT(action);
    Isn't this aproach better?

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    It is... once you managed to abolish daylight saving time and had your user sign a contract stating that he will never set the clock.

  • If you assume, the user changes the clock, you can forget that stuff without "polling via timer".
    I would convert both times to UTC, to be sure DST is in calculation.

  • I'll read the current time from a server and then I'll convert it to UTC.Thank you for your help.

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