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Problem while converting an wxWidget application to Qt

  • Hello forum,

    Let me know if am posting in the wrong forum. I am having problem while converting an wxWidget application to Qt. The existing one is with wxWidget and a third party API - H3D

    I need to use this party API - H3D and they are instantiating glew somewhere within the API.

    I am using Qt 4.4 and it is complaining while instantiating QGLWidget subclass. It is related to the glew wrangler. Have any one of you faced the issue of glew initialization with Qt ?

    Some suggestion is requested to get around this issue.


  • I split off your question from the thread you had posted it to.

    Generally, you should open a new thread if you have a question on your own.

    The 3rdparty forum is ok for your question (sorry for moving it around a couple of times, I misread one part of your question).

    BTW: Qt 4.4 is quite outdated. I would recommend to switch to 4.8.0 if possible.

  • Hello forum,

    Considering the amount of resource and time provided i am not sure of installing the new version. Still i am considering your suggestion.

    I would like to ask something before i go for version upgrade. the third party API has a class H3DWindowNode and it has to be subclassed for further customization. The constructor is initializing the glew wrangler library. This initialization is causing the compilation error while initializaing the QGLWidget subclass. The paintGL function of the QGLWidget sublass in turn call the third party rendering function.

    Will this issue be resolved if i do the version upgrade

  • Upgrading to a newer version of Qt is usually not a problem. All newer Qt libraries are binary compatible to the older versions, so theoretically the could be just replaced without even recompiling your application.

  • Hi Volker,

    I have managed to compile the most recent version and i am having some unwanted behavior within my project. While implementing the scenario with the previous version (4.4), this behavior did not show up.

    I believe that i have to start a new thread for this. It is related to graphics item in the scene. I am connecting the several elliptical items into the scene with arrow. Once they are connected, the arrow is not updated when i am making positional changes to the nodes. The arrow is supposed to be stretched.

    Never mind, i shall open up a new thread and explain the nature of the problem i am having.

    Please keep your heads up!


  • Hi,

    The issue is solved. I had to make the following addition to my elliptical graphics item class:



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