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Searching your project for all src/*/*.cpp files

  • Hey Derpinas and Derps,

    My Project structure looks like this
    | - A
    | - somefile.cpp
    | - more.cpp
    | - B
    | - xyz.cpp
    | - onemore.cpp@

    What i would like to do ist to tell my file that it should search for every *.cpp file in src/.

    In the makefile it works with this one:
    SOURCE = $(wildcard src//.cpp)
    OBJECTS = $(addprefix Debug/rc,$(notdir $(SOURCE:.cpp=.o)))

    But when i try to do this one in in my
    SOURCE = $(wildcard src//.cpp)

    it looks like this in my makefile
    SOURCES = $(wildcard
    OBJECTS = Debug/src/$(wildcard.o

    Any ideas or hints?

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