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[Solved] setToolTip(QString()) leaves previous tooltip visible

  • I have a widget where the tooltip dynamically changes, depending on the mouse cursor position. Within the mouseMoveEvent, I check whether the cursor is in one of several pre-defined areas, and set the tooltip accordingly.

    This part works just fine.

    However, in some cases I do not want to show any tooltip at all. In this case, I call


    When I move the mouse cursor from an area with tooltip to one without, the last tooltip remains, although I no longer have any tooltip defined.

    Why does calling setToolTip without any string not hide the tooltip? Is there any way I can manually hide the tooltip?

  • Could you show us the part of your code that does the tooltip appear?

    You could do this?

    @if(myCursor.selectedText() == "Hello!") {
    } else {

  • I do not use QTooltip. I simply subclassed from QLabel, and use setTooltip to change the text that should be displayed.

  • Sorry, I misunderstood your posting at first.

    Manually calling QTooltip::hideText() does what I need.


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