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Who are the winners of Qt Learning Survey?

  • I have participated in the "Qt Learning Survey 2010": and I have entered in a Nokia N900 raffle. With a month of retard, the winners have been not announced yet.
    Who are the winners of the N900 raffle of the Qt Learning Survey?
    And thanks to Nokia for make raffles, surveys and other things that motivate more the developers to use the wonderful Qt :)

  • I have a feeling that the learning team was terribly busy with preparations for DevDays. I'm sure they will announce the winners soon.

    Thanks for asking, I will let them know.

  • Thanks to you for the reply. I know that all the Qt team are worried preparing Qt DevDays, so I will wait some days for my N900 :D

  • Alexandra, told me about this question. In fact we were pretty busy with a couple of things, which did not go that well as we wanted to. Some problems became visible, but some fortunately not :-) Good for you, folks! :-)

    Anyway, the winners of the Qt Learning Survey 2010 are now known. The survey drew more attention than the last year. Due to this we put four N900 on the table to win instead of one. How did we identified winners? A few weeks ago, we put all folks who wanted to participate on a numbered list and used to generate four numbers in that range. A totally independent, unbiased way, IMHO! Isn't it? :-)

    The winner are: Dathathreya Krishnabhat (India), Johan Bosman (South Africa), Bledar Bregu (Albania). The fourth one did not respond to our email yet. We will send a reminder soon. If there will be no response again, then we will ask again to give us a new number. You still can become a winner!

    Thanks all for taking time for this!

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