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How to set Qt::Vertical headerData of QSqlQueryModel increasing numbers when doing pagination

  • im doing simple pagination with QSqlQueryModel select from limit query's
    every thing is working fine . but. now i like to reflect the Vertical headerData of the QTableView .
    im implementing the headerData , beacose it is const function i can't do any calculation inside it . so i have problem to calculate the right numbers in the Vertical headers. for example is im getting the rows from 20 to 30 .
    i like the Vertical header show the numbers 20 to 30 . and so on ...
    this is how i implement the headerData

    @QVariant PlayListSqlModel::headerData(int section, Qt::Orientation orientation, int role) const

    if(orientation == Qt::Vertical && role == Qt::DisplayRole)
        return section;
    if (role == Qt::DisplayRole)
        if (orientation == Qt::Horizontal) {
            switch (section)
            case 0:
                return QString("name");
            case 1:
                return QString("From");
            case 2:
                return QString("Created Time");
            case 3:
                return QString("last name");
            case 4:
    return QVariant();


  • wat error u are getting?

  • error C2166: l-value specifies const object

  • "case 4" does not have a statement. You must add a regular statement/return statement or just break.

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