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How can i list of files to QFileSystemModel?

  • I am using QFileSystemModel, with list view...Its working fine, displaying all the files in a particular directory...
    But now i want to display a particular set of files, (not all the files in that folder, i cant set filter)...
    I have a list of all those can i display them in that list view?

  • Uhm...seems to me QFileSystemModel is not the way to go if you need a very custom file filtering. You should try implementing your own model to list only files that make sense to you.

  • Thank u ....i used QFileSystemModel::setNameFilters (QStringList)
    But problem is that....model still contains the all the entries(unfiltered entries are disabled).....cant i able to display only filtered entries?

  • Hi aurora,
    Did you find a way to do what you want ?
    I also want to do like but I can't find a solution...

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