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Does Qt 4.6 or 4.7 support postgresSQL 9.0 ? please help

  • Hello,

    I've installed Qt4.6 and have run into difficulty using Postgres 9.0.

    When i connect to my database the following debug message is printed in the o\p window of visual studio:

    "This version of PostgreSQL is not supported and may not work."

    When i perform SQL INSERT data commands they do however work, but my QSqlRelationalTableModel model fails to select any table.

    Does anyone know why this might be? Is it because of the debug message and Qt not supporting version 9.0 of postgresSQL?

    Any help much appreciated.


  • Qt already told you:

    bq. This version of PostgreSQL is not supported and may not work

    So I'd suggest you try your model with an 8.x version of PostgreSQL and check if it works there. If not, it's a problem in your model. If it works, it's a problem with the 9.0 version and you'll probably have to wait until the trolls make it work.

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