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Add Qt code to browsers (Firefox, Opera,...)

  • [EDIT: split off to a thread of its own, it's unrelated to the question in the original thread, Volker]

    I am almost done with the download manager. Now, i want to integrate it into firefox, chrome, opera. Is there any way other than using add-ons like flashgot or download assistant.

  • You can look at clipboard contents after you copy a link (or a text which contains links). Maybe there is some MIME data with not the link's text but with the link itself. Though even if you find such data different browsers can generate this data in a different way.

  • Actually i want want to sort of grab the url from browser and sort of prevent it from downloading the file. Atleast there should be a way for mozilla.

  • You'd better ask the mozilla devs in that case. That's not Qt related at all.

  • That was really a smart answer, Mr. Volker you are really smart, thanks for guiding me to the right place.

  • [quote author="adnan" date="1329497978"]That was really a smart answer, Mr. Volker you are really smart, thanks for guiding me to the right place.[/quote]

    What do you expect? That Qt developers in a Qt forum know all the internals of a myriad of browsers to answer a question that is completely unrelated to Qt? No need to get become offending here. Thanks.

  • I am sorry, perhaps you took my reply in negative sense, i was actually praising not criticizing you, believe me, you are my favourite. I am sorry if you felt hurt. I assure you it was only a misinterpretation of my reply by you and nothing else.

  • Ok, no problem. It sounded a bit sarcastic to me, as I could not help you here, but that was a misinterpretation. Thanks for clarifying things and good luck with your further research!

  • Thank God, you are cheerful again and not angry with me, thanks

  • It sounded sarcastic to me as well, I mean it is like me thanking someone who informs me that in clear weather the sky is blue :)

    The very word "praise" hints at sarcasm as well...

    andan - ever tried using google? And yes, I am being sarcastic :)

    bq. XPCOM Components

    bq. Firefox supports XPCOM components in extensions. You can create your own components easily in JavaScript or in C++ (using the Gecko SDK).

  • O O! I am sorry, actually i am not a native speaker of english, doesn't know much how to express oneself, i hope you understand, besides thanks for doing the googling part for me.
    Actually it sometimes does get difficult to find what you are looking for, when actually you don't know what that is.
    Thanks again, i will definitely try this XPCOM thing

  • I have noticed that myself, some people simply cannot figure out what to look for, I myself googled "firefox extension api c++" - API stands for Application Programming Interface.

    I suggest you work on your English parallel on your programming, since English is kind of crucial - most programming resources are in English.

    Good luck with your extension.

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