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How to install Perl so configure.exe recognices it?

  • I feel stupid making another thread with compiling problems...

    So basically I get this after accepting the terms:

    "Perl not found in enviroment - cannot run qtsync", even though I've installed Perl to my computer.

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    Windows? Linux?

    You probably just need to add it to $PATH. On GNU/Linux (or any other Unix-like thing):
    $ PATH=/path/to/perl:$PATH

    I don't remember how it's done on Windows, but it's probably quite similar.

  • Windows. It asked me in the installation for adding to PATH, I checked it, and yes, it is in my path.

  • You do not need to run the syncqt/syncqt.bat scripts if you use the sources from qt.nokia.com/downloads/

    Just go to the bin directory in the sources and remove or rename the two files syncqt and syncqt.bat. After that configure.exe runs as expected and without the need of installing Perl.

  • Thanks. I had the same problem, but after renamed the files it worked.

    I am using it for building the driver for mysql in mingw.

    but after configured, I run the mingw32-make command as per the document but it runs for more than four to five hours.

    The document says it will take sometime.

    will it take this much time?

    by the way it still running.

    is there any other way to install the drivers?

    I don't know what to do, please give some advice.


  • Sorry, I used 'mingw32-make' instead of 'mingw32-make sub-src'.

    I started it again, I don't know when it will end.

  • "Here":http://qt-project.org/wiki/Building_Qt_Desktop_for_Windows_with_MinGW are some ideas on how to preapre a cmd.exe shell environment to build Qt.

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