Blur effect in title bar

  • I wonder if is possible to make the title baor of the program semitransparent with Qt or it require native system calls to make it.
    An example could be the title bar of Iternet Explorer that contain the path box in it. This can be achieved with Win32 calling to the DWM API funtions. Is ther any way to do it with Qt.

  • Please have a look at the FAQ. This topic explains how to customize the title bar: "How can I handle events in the titlebar and change its color etc ?":

  • Hello Carvajal

    I had the exactly problem in my projects. Sou basically you'll have to create a new window and all its behavior (maximize,resize, minimize). The problem that I had is that if your application content make its own paint event, you might have problems with transparency. Besides that, its quite easy :)

    ..and, about the blur, specifically, yep you'll have to use the DWM API funtions, as far that I know, there is no other way.

  • One more thing, if you want to, later (in 8 hours) I'll be able to share my code with you.

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