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[SOLVED] Compile Qt-Symbian project in command line with a unix-shell environment

  • Hi !

    As of now, I can successfully compile any of my symbian project using the pre-set Qt environment for Symbian (the one that sets automatically all the environment variables). But now I would like to be able to do so in cygwin on Windows (the main idea behing all this is to be able to compile remotely through ssh).

    I have converted env.bat script to a bash script and all my environment variables are now set correctly. The issue is that all the tools always complain of not finding files because of DOS path format.

    So here is my question : is cygwin the best tool to achieve this ? Is there any other way to compile a symbian project, in command line, in cygwin ?

    Thanks a lot

    EDIT : I fixed an issue in my script (I removed /cygdrive/c prefix) and it solved everything

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