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Snapshot of custom qml extension

  • Hi there,

    i have my own plugin which is drawing somethings on the screen and it's also have some child items which are draws their own shapes too. You can think my plugin as a container of other items something like a Canvas. I'm trying to collect my plugin its own snapshot in a period of time. I was trying to collect snapshot with QGraphicsEffect, it's actually render my item exactly as i want, but when i add some ( 150- 200 around )items in this plugin, my plugin is going to flicking everytime, So is there any other idea how can i render my plugin. QGScene::render, can do that too, but it's also rendering other stuff too which is i don't wanna render. (I can also filter these items while rendering QGScene but code is going to so complicated.)

    Please let me know if is there any other way exist for collecting thumbnails of given QDeclarativeItem.


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