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[solved]green/portable qt sdk?

  • I am using qt sdk in my home pc. However, sometimes I want to edit apps in my notebook. The notebook's qt creator, which is the same version, will say something like, the pro file is created by another computer. And sometimes the symbian components are missing in my notebook's qt sdk.

    Is that possible to use qt sdk in different computers? Is there a method that I can make qt sdk to a green/portable one? I have tried virtual machine. But it is too big and too slow.

    Anyone have an idea?


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    when you copy your project, don't copy the .pro.user file. Even better, don't copy the code at all - use SCM like git or - if you're suicidal - SVN.

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    It is perfectly fine to use different Qt Creators on a project. What you can not do is share the .user file! That contains information that is specific to one setup (like ids of Qt versions which can differ, even if the setup looks identical in the UI, etc.).

    Do as sierdzio suggested: Use a version control system and do not check in the .user file. You get rid of the troubles you have right now and you get the benefits of version control, too! Never be without one;-)

  • thx. I will try to do that.

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