Use Qt Quick or traditional Qt

  • Hey there!! As a part of my ongoing project i am suppose to port a java game to Qt. I personally have no experience of Game Development and Qt before this project. Now i have been trying to learn Qt for a while now and getting some knack of it as well. Now the major concern i am facing here is whether i am suppose to start development in Qt or Quick. Now the game that i am suppose to make has to both touch inputs as well as inputs from the mobile keyboard(if there is any).
    So if anyone of you could please suggest me with how to begin with Game Development in general and specifics as well(any book,any documentation,any tutorial) and also hot to start game development with Qt,whether i should be using Qt or QtQuick and specifically the keyboard input area.
    Thank you so much!!

  • Hi,

    a better heading would ease this up. Just writing need help, does not help the people to get your question easily. I would try it with "Use Qt Quick or traditional Qt"

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