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  • I have been reading some of the basic "how to" articles on the qt wiki. These pages were, mostly, written by someone who learned English as a second language. As a native English speaker I have made a number of small improvements -- putting in the word "the" where idiom requires it, correcting punctuation, etc. Some of these edits go through right away. Others seem to be getting hung up in a moderation queue somewhere.

    Today I created a user page. That new page is awaiting approval by the moderators. This seems slightly riciculous to me. I have participated in lots of wikis (Gentoo, ARCH, openSUSE, etc.), and this qt wiki is the first one I have enountered that enforces such a strict moderation policy.

    Anyway, I have a question. Is there some procedure for getting pernission to edit articles in the wiki? Someone to talk to, to prove that I'm not a saboteur? Thanks!

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    Thanks for your contributions !

    If memory serves well, some pages are restricted in any case while the Wiki was globally put on moderation because of spam attack waves that used to happen not so long ago.

    I would start with asking our CM @Pedro

  • Thanks, Gaist. I understand why some pages are restricted. For instance, on the Gentoo Wiki, only the moderators can update the"Handbook" (installation instructions) pages. I'll try talking to @Pedro. I'd like to at least be able to update my own user page and my talk page without burdening a moderator.

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    Hi @David-Bryant, thank you again for improving the Wiki articles.

    The moderation functionality was put in place several years ago in response to severe spambot activity that made it very difficult to manage the Wiki. Maybe @Pedro might be able to find ways to improve the process so that bots are still restricted without making life difficult for legitimate users.

  • As always -I have a very personal view ion the subject, especially when the original post made it clear about "correcting " the another poster English. As was pointed out by some participants - the PRIMARY purpose for moderators was and still should be "spam prevention".
    Invention of refrigerator put the "ice man" out of business... By same token, Mr. Al Gore invention of internet made every Tom, . Dick and Harry experts in everything under the sun , including using "proper English ".
    The administrators should stick with their primary reason for existence since their assumed function as English teachers is going to be short lived anyway - I just seen an "....improve your post ..." authored by robot.

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    @David-Bryant Hi and thank you for your willingness to help and share your feedback.

    Thank you for the ping, folks! And I guess you have already explained a good chunk of it.

    I understand some pages might indeed not need such restrictions. I will take this to IT and moderators so we can evaluate what options we have.

    Please keep in mind most people are enjoying the summer holidays, so it will take some time to start the conversation.
    In the meantime, feel free to message me directly with any suggestions and/or concerns. ✌️

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