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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney: Under the Knife

  • Hello, and welcome to the thread for Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney: Under the Knife, a crossover between the Ace Attorney and Trauma Center series, starring Derek Stiles and Apollo Justice. It will be released on "PWLib":

    h1. Features

    • Solve 5 increasingly bizarre cases as Apollo Justice, Kristoph Gavin, and others.
    • Perform life-saving surgeries as Derek Stiles.
    • Perceive
    • Forensics
    • AAI Investigations
    • And more!

    h1. Cases!

    Case 1: A Payneful Turnabout: Winston Payne is murdered in People Park and Angie Thompson is arrested. Can Apollo save her, especially when the crime literally happened the night before the trial?

    Other cases will be added later.

    h1. Characters!

    Apollo Justice: Rookie defence attorney and one of the protagonists.
    Derek Stiles: The other protagonist and a famous surgeon.
    Angie Stiles: Derek's wife and nurse. The defendant of Case 1.
    Klavier Gavin: The glimmerous prosecutor of Case 1.
    Christian Bivott: Witness in Case 1. About as annoying as Oldbag.
    Joseph Chambers: A bearded old man who has presided over all Apollo's cases so far. Extremely gullible.

    h1. Help Wanted

    Writing: drthingums

    Characters: Vacant.
    Backgrounds: Vacant.
    Cutscenes: Vacant.
    UI: Vacant.

    AAO Demo Creation: Vacant.

    Savato Engine & mechanics:drthingums

    Composer: Vacant.
    Editor: Vacant.

    I also need voice actors.
    Angie Stiles: Objection OR I Disagree!
    Joseph Chambers: Hold it, Order, Objection, Overruled, Take That!
    Christian Bivott: Objection!
    Kristoph Gavin: Hold it, Take That!
    Pearl Fey: Hold it, Objection, Take That!
    In case you were wondering, the Savato engine is a Trauma Center fangame engine, somewhat like PWLib. For now, I plan to make it usable as a PWLib extension only, but I might make usable by itself in the future.

    You can also view the Court-Records thread "here":

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