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ShaderEffects (SOLVED)

  • I'm trying to run ShaderEffects example which comes with Qt SDK 1.2.

    Windows 7 Desktop platform, Qt 4.8 (from SDK).

    Project compiles, builds and runs ok, but when I click on any image to see shaders in action, the
    "ShaderEffectItem::paint - Shader programs are not supported" is displayed and effect is not seen.

  • Did you compile the qml shader plugin first?

  • Yes, I've tried that too.

    Although, the shaders dll is already present in the Qt SDK 1.2 pack, and I guess it should work right away without any additional installations.

  • Of course you have a video card that supports shader language?

  • Of course I do.

    Don't know what exactly was wrong. I have reinstalled Windows, reinstalled Qt SDK, and now it works ok.

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