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[SOLVED] Dropdown menu does not show up after minimizing and restoring Qt Creator

  • The dropdown menu on QT Creator menubar does not appear if I restore Qt Creator after minimizing it.
    I found a similar thread. The solution was to run Qt Creator with -style plastique option. This does not solve the problem.
    I am running Ubuntu 11.10 (64 bit).
    Qt Creator version - 2.4.1

    Has anybody had this problem?


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    Where did you get Qt Creator from? Is that a ubuntu package or from the Qt SDK?

  • Tobias,

    I got it from Qt SDK. I started having this weird behaviour recently. I suspect it's something to do with Ubuntu.

    Right now, my solution is to have Qt Open in a different workspace (other than the one in which other applications are open). This way I will never have to minimize Qt Creator. Ubuntu 11.10 allows users to switch between any of the four workspaces

    • just in case somebody comes across this thread looking for a solution!

  • I've got the very same problem and it's quite disturbing in fact. Although i'm trying to keep QtCreator maximized sometimes i'm facing this issue nevertheless. But the conditions are quite difficult to trace. No easiest way to reproduce is still minimizing/restoring. It's annoying.

  • I have an update on this. This was a problem with Unity interface. I installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Qt works just great now. The only catch is you have to use Unity 2D. If anybody has this problem, either switch to gnome or install 12.04LTS with Unity 2D

  • Appreciate if you could prefix the title with [SOLVED] to indicate the issue is solved.

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