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CMake Desktop projects, linked with system's Qt 4.8.0, can't run in the QtCreator 2.4.1 which built them

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    symbol lookup error: ... undefined symbol: _ZN16QCoreApplicationC1ERiPPci

    I can't see anywhere (much less control) which Qt version QtCreator is trying to dynamically link here, but one can assume it is it's enclosed 4.7.4. The executable is running flawless outside of QtCreator.

    Is there any workaround until the build of QtCreator catches up with the actual Qt version again?

    The last version of Creator, 2.4.0, didn't have that problem.

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    Qt Creater fully supports Qt 4.8 and even Qt 5. No need to wait for it to catch up:-)

    The problem is that Qt Creator has no idea which libraries, etc. are getting used when using CMake... the configuration files there are basically impossible to parse correctly. So you need to do some manual tweaking to the environment you work in there.

    I suggest checking Projects->Run Settings. Go over the environment used to run the project there and compare it to your "normal" environment outside Qt Creator. The PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH (or whatever influences the library search pathes on your platform) are of special importance here.

    I hope this helps:-)

  • Yes, that helped, thanks.

    The runtime environment looked so much unchanged from my normal one, that I didn't spot LD_LIBRARY_PATH in it. Well hidden, indeed! ;-)

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