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QGlWidget for 2D graphics and layered image composition

  • Hello everyone!

    I am thinking of developing a 2D game which will use a raster map, static graphics showing objects on that map and dynamic graphics showing moving objects on it. My first choice is to use OpenGL since it's hardware-accelerated, even though I don't need actual 3D graphics. Is it wise at all?
    I would also like to implement the idea of a layered (z-order sliced) picture composition, storing every slice in it's own offscreen buffer and redrawing only the last layer with dynamic objects when refreshing the picture (other layers will be redrawn on request).
    I would like to know, is there an easy way to implement such an idea of layered drawing with Qt & OGL? Maybe, there already exists such engine?

    Sorry if it's a noob question. I am a noob in Qt :)

  • You can have a look at some QGraphicsView videos on this website

    Also you may want to look at Cocos2D for Qt in here


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