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Adds QGraphicsItem to QGraphicsscene at few pixels away

  • I was trying to develop a simulator which would let you draw lines(QGraphicsLineItem) as per your mouse movement. I have registered for "mouseMoveEvent" on GraphicsView and capturing event->pos() coordinates and drawing a line of given length from that point. My code flow is as follows.

    QGraphicsScene *scene = new QGraphicsScene;
    QGraphicsView *view = new QGraphicsView;
    scene->setSceneRect(geometry().x(), geometry().y(), geometry().width(), geometry().height());

    If I print the coordinates of view and scene
    qDebug()<<geometry().x(), geometry().y();
    for scene

    I get 0,0 as result for both.
    On mouseMoveEvent()
    scene->addLine(event->pos()).x(), event->pos()).y(), event->pos()).x()+len, event->pos()).y());

    While I do this, I see line gets drawn at 30 pixels away from top left corner. How could I make line draw from (0,0).
    Any help is appreciated.

  • Without trying to understand the details of your code, I think what you are missing is some mapping of the event coordinates to item/view/scene coordinates. If you haven't already read about "The Graphics View Coordinate System":, I would suggest you do so. The answer to your question is most probably answered there.

  • Thanks ludde for your reply. The documentation you refer to me says, if at all I wish to transform view coordinates to scene coordinates, I must be using mapToScene().

    But the issue I was running into was, I was listening to mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent) of QGraphicsView and was performing painter.drawLine() of length 10 from (event->x(), event-->y()). As this doesn't get added into QGraphicsScene, I wish to add the line into QGraphicsScene. Rather doing painter.drawLine(), I wish to do addLineItem() so that I dont have to bother about zooming operations at later point of time. So, before doing addLineItem(), I have created a lineitem from new coordinates (derived out of mapToScene() ) of desired length. But I see that, the lineitem on scene gets painted pixels away rather at (event->x(), event-->y()) which I intended to happen. I would like to know the way how to achieve this. If im able to paint a line from any coordinates in view, why do we have some lateral displacement when I draw line from coordinates that I get from mapToScene() ?

  • I think you should write a minimal working example. mapToScene works fine for me. Maybe you should setup you view scene rect...

  • I have tried writing minimal example and it just works fine. I shall debug my main stream code. Thanks for all your replies.

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