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  • hai!
    I am the student of Computer Engineering... I want to select a simple qt mobile application in my C++ course... i thought about a periodic table for symbian anna devices as in MAEMO5 (coperinum & maemo periodic).... My teacher restricted me to Create some Classes and do as much as coding i can, rather than making it by signals n slot and placing widgets form the toolbar of Qt.. i dont know how to make classes of it :( ....
    The idea is: there will be the number of buttons (Equivalent to number of Elements) on which user clicks and it opens a stacked window of element information.... with back button on the top!
    Can anyone tell me HOW TO MAKE CLASSES IN Qt as we make in C++ App. regarding this project...Also the list of tutorials & examples simliar to this project, i will be thank full of you guys.. :)

  • Even though the title describes completely what you need most, I suggest to change to something more descriptive.

    In order to find some tutorials probably "google" and co are your best friends "(e.g. a search on this page)":

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    Grab any book on C++, reading a few first chapters will solve most of your problems, for a start. You can also grab one on Qt, but on a university you may lack time for that. Also, as koahnig said, Google is your friend here, as well as official Qt documentation - it is very complete and informative. You can start "here":

    Another thing is - this is a forum. It's easier for us to answer your questions if you state them clearly, one at a time, and use meaningful subject instead of "Help!!!!". Also, every exclamation mark used in a subject is likely to decrease amount of people interested in answering by significant percent.

  • A class is a class, whether you use Qt or not. Qt is still just C++ (ok, with a little bit of tasty sause that enables signals & slots, properties and introspection). But you can just your C++ skills as you used you.

  • This is a very good introductory book about C++ and Qt:
    or in pdf:
    (And this book is completely free!)

  • I think part of the issue is scale of task and panic caused due to it rather than the coding itself. Your question is a case of writing something in QT / C++ and is too general for us to help easily at this point.

    Firstly break down what you need to do. I think Broadpeak & Sierdzio's idea on reading a little introduction on C++ and Qt will help.

    If you are also new to C++ then look up a basic guide on that first though. Get a basic idea of the terms used and what they do so you know what you need to achieve.

    Then grab examples of basic code from tutorials and so forth and get them to run so you can take a look at something working.

    After this, decide a very simple thing to write. Something tangible but very basic which will use multiple classes. Don't get caught up in trying to write something overly complex at this point. If you come across specifi code questions or have snippets of code you need sanity checking for you then the forum is the place if you cant find a similar answer using Google or reading existing posts here. Your goal here is to just write SOMETHING from scratch which ticks your teachers checklist. Then, once that is running and works well with comments in the code and so on, you can think about adding extra bells and whistles or expanding it in the time from then to your deadline.

    Most important: From the start get used to versioning your code. Its a good habit and will help you no end. Use Subversion or similar and commit code often so you never have to worry about losing anything or deleting a bit of code and breaking things. Then once your main code is done you know it's safe and you can expand it to your hearts content knowing you still have the basics ready to hand in to your tutor if you run out of time or end up with noddle soup rather than a program.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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