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How to create window service/daemon(in Linux) using Qt

  • Hi,

    I have written an executable using Qt that loads a dll and calls the function in dll at some conditions.
    How can I convert this exe into Windows service(daemon in Linux).

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!


  • Hi,

    I tried to download the code and compile the projects, but when trying to execute the exe of example(Interactive), it failed to execute , prints the error as "The service Qt Interactive service could not start".
    I placed the generated binary QtSolutions_Service-2.6.dll in the same folder where exe resides also.
    Tried to put in System32, and bin directory where all other qt libraries resides , neverthless no luck!!!

    Please advice what is the correct way to use that

  • Have you installed the service first? (you should run the exe with '-i' key)

  • Hey, I got the same issue, I installed the service, the installation was ok.
    But when I try to start the service I got the same error message :
    “The service Qt Interactive service could not start”.

    I read at "this post":

    bq. The problem, of course, was that qt-mt333.dll was not installed in an area
    where the service could find it. As soon as I copied it into c:
    \windows\system32, I was able to start up the service as expected. This is
    because the program required the qt.dll and when running as a service, was
    unable to find it. bq.

    But I didn't found the qt-mt333.dll file.

    I'm using Qt 4.7.3 on win xp sp3

  • Hey, just open cmd as admin and execute exe with -i at frist, at second with -s.

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