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QMLViewer as Portable USB Pen Drive Application (on Windows)

  • Hi, I'm doing my first test in QML, my main requirement is to have a small test environment to practice with QtQuick (the QMLViewer will run on NetBook with 300mb free space :( ).
    There are several possibility to have a version of QmlViewer(.exe & .dll), without download and install all Qt SDK?

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    There's no premade image. Here are some guides if you want to try building one yourself (assuming you're on Windows):

    • put qmlviewer.exe + at least following .dll's in one directory:
      QtCore4.dll, QtDeclarative4.dll, QtGui4.dll, QtNetwork4.dll, QtOpenGL4.dll, QtScript4.dll, QtSql4.dll, QtSvg4.dll, QtXmlPatterns4.dll
    • copy the 'imports' and 'plugins' directory to the same directory (so that theres targetdir\imports , targetdir\plugins)

    If you're using an MSVC build of Qt:

    • Copy e.g. 'msvcr90.dll', 'msvcp90.dll' to the target directory

    Afterwards you should be able to launch it from any PC. Anyhow, I didn't bother to actually test the steps above ;)

    [EDIT: list formatting, Volker]

  • Tnks Kkoehne!
    I will try your steps!

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