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Model\View Framework

  • Hello all,

    I have a QSqlRelationalTableModel which read data from a sqlite database. This model is used in a QTableView widget on my main window to view and edit data. I would like to do two things:

    To set the items horizontal alignement to centered on some columns (for program aesthetics),

    To enable items edit only on some of the table columns.

    I searched Qt documentation following all object hierachies and got nothing for both of the subjects.
    Thanks for your help!

  • Easiest is to use a proxy model. You can subclass [[doc:QIdentityProxyModel]] (if you're on 4.8) or [[doc::QSortFilterProxyModel]] (for lower versions). There, you reimplement the data() method to return the Qt::AlignHCenter for the Qt::TextAlignmentRole. For all other roles, or for columns you don't want to center, you simply return QIdentityProxyModel::data().

    For the read-only columns, you will have to reimplement the flags() method as well.

    There are "examples": on the wiki.

  • Thanks a lot Andre for your rapid answer! I thought I had the last version but not, I am using 4.7.4. I will subclass QSortFilterProxyModel as you just explained for both functionallities.

    Anyway, what I ask to do is very simple and I think I am not the only one to need it. I don't understand why this function is not already inside the Qt library, maybe implemented directly on the model/view classes.


  • For those who want to solve the same problem, I have written a Wiki page with the code snippet "link":

    Thanks again Andre for the solution proposal. I hope the code I have written can evolve to some more complete class which can satisfy every user. Feel free to edit this Wiki page! (which by the way I don't know if it is possible)


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