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Qt Creator 2.4, can I have Find/Replace dialog box un-docked? [SOLVED]

  • Hello,

    So, Find/Replace dialog box is docked to the bottom of Qt Creator by default. Can I make it un-docked so it'd be itself, like Open File dialog box?


  • I looked over entire Qt Creator for this options, but haven't found anything.
    So I'd guess no.

  • Yeah I do not see an option either, I am hoping there might be some Finnish trick to un-dock it :)

    This unorthodox Find/Replace is annoying.

  • Moderators

    That is a feature... no, that is no longer possible since the dialog box had so many disadvanages (e.g. it being modal and always covering the text).

    Note that there are hardly any finish tricks in Qt Creator at all: It is (mostly) "Made in Germany" :-)

  • Find dialog (Ctrl-F) is Ok. But Advanced Find (Ctrl-Shift-F) is weird - it's got the usability issues.

  • Moderators

    Which usablitily issues are you having?

  • it's about Advanced Search dialog:

    1. open dialog, the textbox for replace string should be there on the first page (like in Search dialog) not on the next page after you click search.

    2. enter string that is not in your text, it will open next page to tell you No matches found. To correct your string you have to press Ctrl-Shift-F again to get back to the dialog. No matches found should be on the first page so I could correct my string right away.

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