Suspected Bug in cursor registration with Qt4.8 and Mac OS X

  • I am not sure how to proceed with diagnosing or reporting this suspected bug... but in comparing my application on Windows 7, Ubuntu and Mac OS X, it appears that there is a one pixel x and y offset in positioning standard cursors on Mac OS X (I have tried 10.6 and 10.7). I know that a lot of the cursor handling was revised in 4.8.

    What is the best way to pursue this possible bug? Do I need to hunt through the source code before making an official bug report, or is there a way of inquiring whether this is a "known" issue in work. I have searched the bug reports but can't find a specific match to this issue.

    Thanks for any guidance.


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    Can you prepare a small example showing the issue. That would help to demonstrate the problem.
    If you cannot find it on "JIRA, you probably should file a bug report there.":

    Please post a link here so that people can watch and vote your bug report.

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