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How to create attribute for QStrandardItem?

  • Good evening! I am using QStandardItemModel for the QTreeView and want to set hidden attributes for the QStandardItems to distinguish them. Is there a good solution for that? thanks!

  • You can define your own "Qt::ItemDataRoles":/doc/qt-4.8/qt.html#ItemDataRole-enum and use data() and setData() methods of the items.

    For example:

    enum MyItemDataRoles { MyIdRole = Qt::UserRole + 1, MyStringDataRole };

    QStandardItem *item = ...;

    item->setData(23, MyIdRole);
    int id = item->data(MyIdRole).toInt();

    item->setData("blubb", MyStringDataRole);
    qDebug() << item->data(MyStringDataRole).toString();

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