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Qt Assistant help files not installed

  • I downloaded and installed Qt/PyQt for use with Python 3.2 yesterday. After the installation, Qt Assistant loaded but the only information was the help for Qt Assistant. There were no .qhc or .qch files installed. Am I overlooking something obvious? Can the Qt help files be downloaded?


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    I'm not familiar with PyQt, but you can manually point Assistant to relevant files (Edit->Preferences->Documentation->Add). You can also compile docs yourself.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. From your note I can see that my post wasn't clear enough. Let me try to expand on my problem...

    The help for Qt Assistant displays a screenshot of a wealth of information about Qt. It also suggests that the Qt Assistant help files have an extension of either .qhc or .qch, depending on whether they are the compressed files or not. After the installation, I have no files with either of these extensions, so I have no files to add to Qt Assistant. This is why I assumed the files might be found on the website somewhere.

    The option to compile help might be useful, but I understood this option is for people creating customized help files. Is there a way to recreate the help files for Qt Assistant by compiling a new help file? I had assumed that the help files were a standard part of the installation.

  • Are we talking about the Qt help files here or the PyQt help files?

  • Great question. I would expect it would be the Qt help files, but I'd be happy with either. PyQt is a Python binding to the Qt library.

  • Well, at least for the Qt documentation the PyQt site explicitly states that ...
    [quote]Note that the Qt documentation is not included. [/quote]
    ... but the Qt documentation is part of the "official library releases":

    The PyQt documentation however should be part of the PyQt download.

  • Thanks for pointing that out.

    HTML documentation is included with PyQt. Looks like that's what I'll use. Qt Assistant must be included with PyQt for those that want to distribute custom help files with packaged apps.

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