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Qt dbus for multiple out parameters

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    <method name="GetListMainSinks">
    <arg type="n" name="returnvalue" direction="out"></arg>
    <arg type="a(qs(nn)nnq)" name="listMainSinks" direction="out"></arg>
    <annotation name="com.trolltech.QtDBus.QtTypeName.Out1" value="std::vector < am_SinkType_s > "/>
    My application has a method as above.
    I have to retun 2 items one is the result and other is a vector os structure which is an argument in the function
    this folllowing is in adaptor.h
    short GetListMainSinks(std::vector < am_SinkType_s > &listMainSinks);
    which is ok
    and the following is in adaptor.cpp
    short Adaptor::GetListMainSinks(std::vector < am_SinkType_s > &listMainSinks)
    // handle method call org.a.comGetListMainSinks
    //return static_cast<YourObjectType *>(parent())->GetListMainSinks(listMainSinks);
    where is the invoke mathod call???
    Please let me know if i am doing something incorrect

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