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[Solved]RealTime graphics

  • HI
    In my application I need to plot some graphs and I'm using qwt plot to show this data in a linear way..

    But now I Want to show the Data in the plot just in frames of 20 secs and be able to scroll back to the old graph with the old values.

    Is it possible(Yes I think so), but how will I do this.

    Any ideas are welcome
    Sorry for my bad English

  • What do you mean by frames of 20 secs?
    X - axis should define 20 seconds, and you want to scroll?
    I don't know QWT, but why shouldn't it work?
    In worst case, you store the values and reset the values in the plot.

  • It doesn't got the "scrollers" but I wonder what would happen if I uses the qt Scrollbars and put the qwt plot inside it.
    As I do it for now i clears the value vectors every minute after 2 minutes.

    No good solution.

  • @toho71
    Did you have a look onto the QWT (6.0) examples?
    There might be something close to what you are looking for.

  • Yes i have looked at the examples but I don't see any thing like this and I'm not the first to need something like this I think.

    any tips??

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