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Qt Creator, MinGW and C++ 11.

  • Hi to all!

    I am using Qt Creator 2.4.0 on Windows 7 32bits and MinGW as the compiler (the one that came with Qt installer program). I am trying to use some features of C++ like "auto" and lambdas with no (compile) success.

    Is there a switch that i have to pass to the compiler so to be able to compile this stuff ?

    Thanks a lot for any help!

  • add to your .pro file:

    QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += -std=gnu++0x

    Have a look at "this older thread":/forums/viewthread/6731 too. The tag search on c++0x should give you some additional infos too.

  • Ok, Volker, many thanks for the help!

    I will check it out tomorrow, when i go back to work, and report back.

    Thanks again!

  • C++11 support in MinGW 4.4 is mediocre, at best. Prepare for a lot of unsupported stuff and compiler crashes. I strongly advise to upgrade to a recent GCC / MinGW version.

  • @Volker:
    It (somewhat) works now. For example, the "auto" is now recognized but a line such as this:
    [] { cout << "Hello, my friends"; }();

    does not compile. So it seems that it "doesn't know" about lambdas!

    You have absolutely right...
    My Qt installer, set up compiler stuff at C:\QtSDK\mingw\bin, where i can see gcc.exe and ming32-gcc.exe (among other files) both at version 4.4.0.

    Do you think i should wait for Qt-Updater to update my installation to a more recent versions of the compiler or should (can) i do it myself without mess up anything ?

    Thank you both for the help!

  • I'm unaware of any plans of upgrading MinGW in the Qt SDK (please correct me if I'm wrong). I either would switch to MSVC2010 (the compiler that comes with the express edition can be used to create commercial applications at no cost as well) or a recent version of MinGW, like "TDM-GCC": or "MinGW-w64":

  • Ok, i will try this TDM-GCC package that you proposed. Have you experiment any difficulties/problems with the debugger (gdb) so far ?

  • To be honest I've switched to MSVC2010 and it is quite a while since I used TDM-GCC, but feel free to come back if you experience any issues.

  • Hmm..i installed TDM-GCC and get the up-to-date MinGW stack and now, there is no way i can make GDB work again from inside Creator..."Executable failed. During startup program exited with code 0x0"

    I cannot understand why C++ dev-stack is so complicated to setup correctly, at least on Windows.


  • I tried
    @QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += -std=c++0x@

    and also tried
    @QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += -std=gnu++0x@

    in my projects, with the Qt 4.8.0 and Qt 4.8.1 on Windows 7 (64-bit). Both were using mingw4.4.

    I get segmentation faults during the compile.

  • Sorry for the almost immediate second post - I downloaded QtCreator 2.5 RC, and used the MinGW 4.6.2 that comes bundled with it. Everything compiled and ran!

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