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QML plugin: how to export mixed C++ and QML content

  • Hello everybody

    I am trying to write a QML plugin which exports a set of components. Some of them are C++, other are pure QML.

    I have run into this article, in which a new kind of qmltypes generation is explained.
    I find it very attractive, since it does not require further operations like before, when an explicit call to qmlplugindump.exe was required.

    However, this seems to be working for C++ custom components only. Is there a way to generate the content also for pure QML components?

    I have created a very basic example of the scenario on this github project

    As an extra question, I am looking also for a tutorial on how to properly include the exported components in QtDesigner (see OpenIssue #2 of the GitHub readme)

    Thank you!