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Will Bluetooth SPP deprecate? And how to implement your own "SPP" in Bluetooth Low Energy?

  • Hello,

    Today we are using a QSerialPort in Windows and QBluetooth in Android to communicate with a microcontroller with a Bluetooth HC-06 module. We are using the RFCOMM/SPP concept. For example we send a letter A and then receive an long answer in a text or binary form for example. It works fine.

    I have heard that Bluetooth Classic and RFCOMM maybe will disappear from the market in favor to Bluetooth Low Energy, so everyone using the RFCOMM will have to implement their own ”send data back and forth”-concept that works like RFCOMM/SPP/SerialPort. Maybe in Bluetooth 6 or 7 ect it will be gone?

    I wonder if we can do a Bluetooth Low Energy setup in Qt (for Windows and Android) where the communication works like the old Bluetooth Classic RFCOMM/SPP. I have read a bit but it seems very difficult to implement it with all these characteristics, descriptors, attributes, headers, uuid, controllers, write, indicate, gate and god knows.

    Someone who have good information to give me? Will the SPP be gone soon? And how could we implement our own ”send data back and forth”-concept/"serial port" with Bluetooth Low Energy?