QWebView can't display external image content set via javascript $(“#<node_name>”).html(&lt;html_content&gt;)

  • I'm migrating project from MFC to Qt now, and it's using embedded web browser, which displays local (resource) html-page. Local page is displayed fine, no problems. But i have a problem to set html content to child tag. QWebView can't display external images set via javascript $("#").html() - only text and local (resource) images are displayed. In MFC version with IE webview the same script works fine.

    I've tried to use QWebElement::setInnerXml, but result is the same: only local content is displayed.

    QWebSettings::LocalContentCanAccessRemoteUrls, true);

    doesn't help.

    Did anyone meet the same problem? Has anyone solution to resolve my problem?

    Thank you

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