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Remote debugging fails with a cryptic message

  • Hi,

    I'm familiar with remote debugging and using it for a long time. I've tried to install a virtual machine for conducting some test in it. Unfortunately the debugging fails at the beginning.

    gdb and gdb-server are already installed on the target, test on the Device page completes successfully (so, gdb-server, rsync, ssh everything works as expected).

    Here's the console output:

    12:16:30: Checking available ports...
    12:16:30: Found 51 free ports.
    12:16:30: Starting gdbserver --multi :10000...
    12:16:30: Debugging /opt/******/*******/****** ...
    Listening on port 10000
    Remote debugging from host ::ffff:, port 38884
    Process /opt/******/*******/****** created; pid = 1654
    while parsing target description (at line 68): Vector "v8bf16" references undefined type "bfloat16"
    Could not load XML target description; ignoring
    Killing process(es): 1654
    12:16:31: Application finished with exit code 0.
    12:16:31: Debugging of /opt/******/*******/****** has finished with exit code 0.

    Target OS is Debian Bullseye (11) amd64 and I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 amd64 as host OS. Qt version is 5.15.2

    I even can't find the XML file which is mentioned by the error message. I'm guessing a Clang related hidden mumbo jumbo is going on in the background, but don't know how to solve it.


  • @MuratUrsavas I know it is a very old post, but I’m currently facing the same problem. Did you found a solution?

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