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UI is not updating in build (MSVS 2019, QT6)

  • Hello,
    I am working on a project in MSVS 2019 using C++ and QT6. I have two ui files which work fine however on one of the files any changes I make do not appear on the finished build so I can't change my ui. On the other one it works fine. I have tried deleting ui or moc files from teh debug folder but is doesn't seem to help.

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    And you're sure you use this ui-file and start the correct executable? I would guess no.

  • @Christian-Ehrlicher I am using the local debugger which has o choice but to use that ui file as there isn't another one with these contents. It's displaying my ui, just one from 2 iterations ago

  • @Meeuxi
    If it's built up-to-date, and all you do is alter the .ui file, do any commands get executed when you next build, or does it think there is nothing to do?

  • @JonB Well I do in the course of running it adjust different Texts and Labels and that works completely fine. However I have removed a label in the ui file and replaced it with a Scroll Area and that does not show up when starting the program. Before shwoing the ui there is no command acting on it. I setup the Widet in the corresponding cpp and show it.

  • @Meeuxi
    This was not the question. I have not used Visual Studio, but I assume when you change a .ui file the project has to rebuild? I am asking whether that happens for the .ui file you say is not reflecting changes in the latest executable?

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