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btchat does not find any Bluetooth devices

  • A question to the forum users

    Did anybody successfully implemented this Bluetooth example ?
    I am not getting any SIGNALS indicating a device was found , only the usual timeout .

    I did try different QT versions with same result and not having any issues with btscanner.

    It appears the "chat" needs to have matching "service" .
    I got the "connect" and "scanning " intermittently to find a "remote " device using different local adapter. It sure takes long time to "find" the device.

    I finally got it working - I get connection to "custom service " after about 20 seconds. I have two local Bluetooth adapters and have to select the second one - not the "default" to get consistent, repeatable connection.
    Apparently the adapter "service" has to match remote service.
    With only one adapter I don't even get the correct form.
    It looks as QBluetoothServiceDiscoveryAgent timeout is random.
    And when it gets to the ridiculous time over 2 minutes - reboot!

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