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Qt6 does not display the entire menu

  • Hello!
    I have compiled a program with both Qt5.15.2 and Qt6.2.2
    Everything works (no error messages) after I adapted the code to Qt6.

    But, a peculiarity with Qt6 is that only parts of the menu appear when you click for the first time. See picture 1. In the future, it works. See picture 2.

    This only happens if you use two screens with different resolution and / or with different scaling. If you move the program between the screens, the same problem occurs again. The first time the menu opens.

    This does not happen with Qt5. Annoying, and makes you stick to Qt5. Anyone else been through this?
    I wish everyone a happy new year!

    I forgot to tell you that the problem occurs in Windows. In Linux (Ubuntu 20.04) it seems to work.

    Picture 1.png Picture 2.png

  • Hi @posktomten (shouldn't your username be @jultomten because it's that time of the year? :-)

    I remember seeing that behavior sometimes in earlier Qt6 versions for Windows (before 6.2.2) in dialog boxes/mainwindows, so that the bottom part is obscured (say where the status bar is). It goes back to normal when you click on the window or even just wait for a second or two.

    I tried to reproduce it now with a simple Hello World widget app in 6.2.2, but no luck, there's probably some kind of timing event involved. I'll try again later...

  • Thanks!
    Yes, "Jultomten" fits better. But yes, it's a long story... Silly really.

    I am very grateful for your answer. I have tried a few workarounds. It does not work. If you want, you can try the program. Qt Library for Windows/

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    I remember this issue was already identified and I think a bug report was opened about it but I don't remember its number.

  • That was good! Then we can hope that there will be an update.

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