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How to manage project versions in Linux ?

  • I am looking for opinions.
    In real world - things fail - operating system fails....
    hardware ( disks ) fails...

    For instance in Linux "grub" goes crazy after some "updates"
    run "update-grub" automatically. .
    System won't even boot same time - various parts fail-
    but most of the time it boots.

    RAID won't mount on boot
    etc etc
    I keep track of my project by copying the entire project folder.
    I have build separate QT programs folder / folders.
    It has been challenge to control "examples" - especially when they are
    different in releases.

    I do not do "Ubuntu backup".

    Does anybody have a different solution ?

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    Many use an online code revision system as not to lose code if the system fails.

    You don't have to use an online service but if you use it only locally, the safety is lacking.

    Alternatively, you can use a sync service like pcloud and let it store copies of the projects into the cloud.

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