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does anyone have oauth1 hmac-sha256 working on Qt 6+ ??

  • Hello Folks

    We used to use and modified o2 to do the leg work for authenticating into an service authenticating via oauth1. The service provider recently changed to not allowing sha1, as a result it was fairly easy to modify o2 to start using sha256.

    Roll forward a couple of months and thinking of future proofing some of the development work..... went to compile our code for Qt 6+ release and o2 doesnt compile and loads of errors relating to depreciated calls (will be raising issues with them via github).

    As an alternative went to look at using the qnetworkauth instead and it doesn't look to do hmac-sha256.

    We are only interested in making a oauth1 signature for the header of the http post.

    Has anyone else run into this issue (or possibly have a fix)?



  • @testmonkey o2 was updated yesterday with qt6 goodness, included that into the .pro file, changed about 6 lines of code and managed to spit out sha256 signatures.

    legacy lines of codebase using older o2 had to be changed to from O1RequestParameter to O0RequestParameter.

    created a patch for the differences to o2 --

    still don't know how to do it natively through qnetworkauth route....

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