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SVGs used for button icons are fuzzy on HighDPI devices

  • I'm right now working on an app that's supposed to run on Win/Mac/Linux/Android/iOS. I have a ToolButton and a regular Button that set their icon property to be an SVG file. The icons look file on the desktop screens (which are not high DPI displays), but when I run the app on my Android Phone, Kindle Fire Tablet, or iPad Pro, the SVG icons don't look crisp anymore. Here is a screenshot taken from my Android phone:


    It's a bit more subtle for the icon on the left, but more visible on the right. Notice the text "Render" is nice and crisp though. It looks more noticeable to a user on the iPad.I grabbed these two SVGs from Google's Material Design icon set, so they're know to be "good SVGs".

    Is there any way I can fix this to make the SVGs icons look nice and crisp? The main thing about "scalable vector graphics" is that they can scale up/down nicely and there isn't any issue whatsoever. It looks like these are being first rendered at a lower resolution, but then scaled up to fit the device's pixel ratio. I'm using Qt 6.2.

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