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Problem with sockets

  • Hi,

    I have to communicate with a server using sockets and fetch some data that are URL-encoded. Some of the data I must read is a URL value. It can assume two forms:

    In the second case (and only in it!), when I fetch the data using QTcpSockets, the data seems to be corrupted. When QTcpSocket reads the data that I receive as when I test the protocol using a telnet client, it puts some characters in some places of the string and breaks the URL encoding.

    Using a Telnet connection I can get the right values. When I use QTcpSocket to fetch the data it gets corrupted with some non-printing characters that break the correct decoding.

    My readyData() signal is processed with this slot:

    @void ConnectionHandler::readReply() {
    QByteArray serverReplyArray;
    while (socket->canReadLine()) {

    if (!serverReplyArray.isEmpty()) {
        emit serverReply(serverReplyArray);


    Any tip?

  • I had similar task but my data was not only string but also binary so I wrote code for transmitting data using QTcpSocket::write() and QTcpSocket::readAll(). The data itself was QByteArray with some other types stored in it with QDataStream.
    Since this way seems redundant for your task could you provide minimal working example?

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